Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 Years Later...

I'd completely forgotten I'd made this blog until I started working full-time for GladRags last summer (funny how things work out, right?) and realized we were getting web traffic from something called 'the moon cup diary.' I clicked the link and there I was, writing about trimming the stem on my cup and why one should never chop jalapenos bare-handed!

I'm so glad that this blog is still encouraging women decide to give menstrual cups a try -- seriously, so many benefits! -- and am excited that my experiences have helped others feel less scared about the prospect of trying a cup.

Strangely, comments on this blog haven't been getting emailed to me, so I encourage anyone with questions to head over to GladRags.com, where you can contact me (or my awesomely helpful coworkers) through email or livechat for help and advice.

And big thanks to everyone who has read and commented! It means a lot to me that I never once got an "ewwwww gross!" comment on this blog. :)

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