Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Moon Cup, Round Two!

A few updates for you all, now that I'm on cycle two of using the moon cup....

  • Bite the bullet and trim the pull-tab already! I finally sucked it up and snipped off less than half an inch of the pull-tab. Remember the occasional discomfort I was having on my bus ride to work? Totally gone.
  • Even though the moon cup holds an ounce of liquid and the average woman's period only produces about four ounces of blood, don't forget that there's regular vaginal discharge! And that you might not produce equal amounts of blood/discharge/whatever every day! Moral of the story: the moon cup may be super convenient, but it's not magic, so don't be like me and think you can use a cup for 18 hours straight without it overflowing. Because that's just dumb.
  • This is probably a matter of personal preference, but I would recommend always rinsing your cup (when you choose to rinse it and not just empty) in the hottest water your hands can stand. Even if the water feels relatively warm, it's definitely colder than your vagina, and you'll feel a dull ache until the cup reaches your body temperature. Not fun.
Other than my self-induced menstrual dramas, life with a moon cup has been going smoothly and I'd still highly recommend it. If I experience any catastrophes/hilarities in the coming months I'll be sure to post them.


brady said...

Thanks so much for blogging your experiences! I wish you'd been around a year and a half ago when I got my DivaCup. Everyday I was wondering 'is that normal?' 'is that supposed to happen?' 'what if i..?'
keep up the updates!

Chella said...

I think we've synched up :)

I really hope you'll contribute some of your findings! - don't forget to send me your addy.


Demara said...

I've never heard of a moon cup before. I want to see what it looks like and how it works. I wonder where it's located too?

mj said...

Having used tampons and disposable pads all my life, I have recently found out about the mooncup and I am seriously considering buying one. From all the reviews and information I've gathered so far, it seems to be a good choice in every way.
The only question I still have is, after you get used to it and used it for a few days, do you still feel the need to pee so often?
Thank you for this blog, it has been extremely helpful :)

Melanie said...

I just started using my mooncup about 2 hours ago and enjoyed reading about your experience with it. Its surprisingly comfortable already except for the pull tab, which you have convinced me to trim (I was afraid of not being able to get it out). I'll start with 1/4 inch to see if that makes a difference.
Thanks for sharing!

ann said...

thanks for making this blog! i just ordered my moon cup since tampons are getting expensice. was a little skeptical, but thanks to your blog and other things ive read it looks like ive made the right decision!

Chelsea said...

Good for you, Tracy. How long did you use the moon cup? Did you feel any discomfort the first time you used it? Don't forget to clean and sanitize it after every use, okay?

Chelsea Leis