Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 6: Again, not much

Like yesterday, today's adventures in moon cupping were pretty... unadventurous. I rinsed the cup in the morning and just now when I got home. Other than that -- and when I was asking my friend about the Instead cup she tried (she doesn't recommend it) -- I pretty much forgot about it.

When I woke up, I noticed that the cup had leaked a little during the night. It wasn't enough to worry about and I'm going to chalk it up to putting the cup in after a couple glasses of wine rather than to any inherent flaw of the cup itself.

Too bad happy periods make for boring blogging.

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Chella said...

Howdy - um, just discovered your blog when I noticed that over the last couple of years, more and more people have been mistakenly listing my zine/show as 'adventures in menstruatION' rather than 'adventures in menstruatING', including in national press over here in the UK, and as recently as yesterday on a gig poster. So I googled the phrase to see if we were billed that way anywhere else and stumbled upon your new blog. As you can see, I've also got a blog on blogger and it's called Adventures in Menstruating. I did a double take at first and I'm kinda flattered. Although I'm based in the UK, I'm from the US and we did a reading tour there in 2005, and go back every year. The zines have been available at various distros around the US, and actually in Portland since then as well, as they're distributed by microcosm and I know quite a few people on the scene up there as well. I'm guessing you haven't heard of it though? Crazy name similarity-ness aside, I like your mooncup diary and was actually going to have a friend write about something similar for my next issue of the zine. Would you like to write it? Since you already seem to have subconsciously contributed, I think it'd be only right! Sorry to be posting this on here but I couldn't find an email contact for you on here or on your etsy page. Mine is chartyourcycle (at) gmail (dot) com, so drop us an email and let me know if you're interested or not. Ooh and a heads up: you may be getting emails from people who think you're me! Please redirect them to the email above.